For customers on the NoraGo/SoPlayer apps - please reach out to support@ez-pz.tv for questions or support. ūüėä

IPTV Smarters customers/all others will still use service@ez-pz.tv for questions and support and will use the following install instructions.


Detailed Firestick Instructions can be found here (NoraGo/SoPlayer customers, see top of page) 


  1. On Fire TV Stick, go to "Settings"
  • click"My¬†Fire¬†TV"¬†(or "Devices" on other¬†models)
  • click "DeveloperOptions"
  • set¬†"ADB Debugging"and¬†"Unknown Sources"¬†to¬†"ON"
  1. On Fire TV Stick homepage, click the "Magnifying glass"in the top left corner
  • search¬†for,¬†install and¬†open¬†app called¬†‚ÄúDownloader"
  1. In "Downloader" app, type in link https://troypoint.com/smarters (case sensitive! - make sure it shows https and not just http)

-If the above link is not woking and you have unknown sources set to on, you can try one of following backups:


  • Click¬†"Go"¬†and¬†"Install"/"Open"¬†- Say¬†"Yes"to¬†any¬†pop-ups
  1. Enter Login Info (login with API):
  • Enter any account name you would like here (favorites, etc. will be assigned to that account ‚Äď you may create multiple accounts)
  • Enter your¬†username and¬†password¬†

·         Enter your URL (from your Email)


  1. Download "IPTV Smarters Pro" from app store.
  2. Enter your Username and Password, and URL (from email)
  3. Setup EPG Format for US times
  • Open Smarters IPTV and go to setting (the ‚Äúgear‚ÄĚ in the top right of the screen)
  • Open ‚ÄúTime Format‚ÄĚ and select ‚Äú12 Hours Format‚ÄĚ ‚Äď Save changes

·         Check out Live TV to ensure service is working

Samsung TV 2018+ (older models struggle to process)

  1. Download "Smarters IPTV" in the Samsung TV app store (LG has too many issues and is not supported officially)
  2. Login using username and password and URL (from email)

PC and Mac SETUP

Setup options found here (NoraGo/SoPlayer customers, see top of page)


Supported Devices

  1. Amazon Fire Stick (4k version recommended) and Fire TV devices
  2. Various Android TV Boxes
  3. Android phones an tablets
  4.  iOS Phones, tablets, and Apple TV - Temporarily down - will update when this changes
  5. PC
  6. Mac
  7. Samsung TVs 2018+ (BETA) - install info here

(NoraGo/SoPlayer customers, see top of page)

I signed up but did not get an email.

Check your SPAM folder. If more than 15 minutes has went by and you still have not received your activation codes, please reach out to us at service@ez-pz.tv

Can I share my codes?

No. To prevent abuse, any accounts found to be sharing codes will be permanently banned.