Please read through all our FAQs to answer questions you may have before reaching out to support or making a decision on switching:



  • Can I get a free trial on VEWhub?
    • Yes - free trials are available at anytime by visiting VewHub and clicking “Free Trial”
  • Do I need to cancel my PayPal subscription when I switch to VEWhub’s new service?
    • No. We will handle the work for you and even refund any unused portion of the old account as long as you select “Converting” from the drop-down when ordering your new improved service. 
  • Do I have to switch to VEWhub?
    • It is not a requirement at this time, however support of the outdated NoraGo/SoPlayer apps is phasing out sometime in 2020 to better meet member needs.
  • I don’t like switching! WIll I need to switch again down the road?
    • Change is not always easy, though we do our best to make it as painless as possible! With that said, this change is overwhelmingly beneficial and there are no plans to make any future switches. 
  • What will happen if I don’t switch to Smarters?
    • For now, you can still remain on the Vexoz NoraGo/SoPlayer services if you like and service will be as normal, however, we will eventually be requiring all users to move over to the new service where member needs can better be met.
  • Do I need to download a new app?
    • There is a new and MUCH improved app that offers not only better quality streams, but also more to choose from, multiscreen support, an improved EPG, and the ability to set favorites. The app is available for free and install instructions will be in your welcome email and are similar to your previous NoraGo/SoPlayer app.
  • Am I going to get new login details?
    • Yes, your old login details will not work on the new app.
  • VEWhub doesn’t seem to fully support iOS mobile at this time, I do not want to make the switch if it doesn’t support iOS mobile.
    • iOS mobile has limited access to the service. You have the option to remain on the old system as long as it is supported. Note that support will end sometime in 2020. Also, the iOS store periodically scans and removes all IPTV apps from time to time. Last year there was a period of time NoraGo/SoPlayer were also not available on the iOS store as well. The IPTV Smarters app team is trying to get back on the iOS store in full but in both cases there is never a guarantee of iOS availability. 
  • Will the new service work on NoraGo/SoPlayer?
    • No. The new service offers much more and, as such, needs to use the more full featured app. Thankfully, it is a nearly identical installation process!
  • I have several accounts on the old service, is it okay to keep one account for Norago/SoPlayer and the accounts for VEWhub?
    • You will need to move all or none of your accounts when you switch in order to best be able to serve your account needs. 
Please note that we are not accepting new customers to the old NoraGo/SoPlayer apps so once you make the switch it is final, though we think you'll be satisfied with your decision.
If you decide not to switch we are still supporting the old apps, just not onboarding any new customers and will still be happy to assist you at for the time being.
Also note the email for support with the new apps/serevice is